A free healthcare event in an Arizona community near you.


Due to gaps in healthcare coverage, Arizona Conference and Arizona SonShine volunteers are reaching out to a broad spectrum of people whom we will serve including; the indigent, underserved and homeless populations and college students. Services will be provided on a first-come first-served basis.


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  • How much does it cost?
    • All services are completely free
  • How do I register?
    • This is on a first come-first served basis.
  • How can I pre-register?
    • Pre-registration is not available.


  • Whom is this for:
    • The medically underserved especially for the indigent, homeless and college students needing limited medical care
  • Can I bring my child?
    • Your child is eligible for available services with an accompanying adult.
    • Childcare is provided while the adult is obtaining services within the building.
  • I am disabled; will I be able to access services?
    • Yes, all services are handicap accessible. It is up to you if you will need a caregiver to assist you.
  • What if I have a pet that goes everywhere with me. Can they come with me?
    • Only Certified Service Animals are allowed.
    • We are working to get pet daycare, but there will be more info in the future, as it comes available.
  • What do I have to comply with?
    • There are the two required documents for Event participants.
      1. Signing a consent to receive medical services form
      2. Sign a media acknowledgment form. Some local media may be on-site doing some filming of the event. This acknowledgment consent gives permission for either consented to interviews or photo images that may be obtained as part of the event.
  • What is the catch?
    • You are in need of the services offered and you realize it is on a first-come first-served basis. Some services will fill up early in the day. Event lines often form as early as 24 hours prior to the doors opening for the event.


Arizona Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists
Arizona Sonshine an Arizona Conference Ministry
Volunteers from around the United States